Template (Name, Page, Cost):

  • Ally: Minion, Sympathy, B36, 0, See Below
  • Catfall: Feather Fall, B41, P43, 12
  • Channeling, B41, 10
  • Doesn’t Breathe, B49, 20
  • Extended Lifespan 2, B53, 6
  • Fragile: Brittle, B136, -15
  • Frightens Animals, B137, -10
  • Lifebane, B142, -10
  • Longevity, B66, 2
  • Night Blindness, B144, -10
  • Silence 2, B85
  • Social Regard 2, B86, 10
  • Squeamish, B156, -10
  • Unusual Biochemistry, B160, -5

Elves are physically slighter than humans, having thinner limbs and bodies. Their skin tends to take on a bronze colour, and is hairless, save for the heads. Elves grow long hair that they typically wear in intricate braids. Elves bodies are brittle like glass, an artifact of over exposure to magical energies over long periods of time. When struck with much force their limbs can break off or shatter. However, that same magical exposure did have some advantages. Firstly, being attuned to the Elements, elves do not have to breathe, absorbing elemental air from the world around them. Furthermore, they absorb life energy about them. While this has detrimental effects on the world around them (causing grass and small insects and the like to die around them) this greatly improved their lifespan, with an average age of 550, with the oldest of elves currently being over 800. Elves can mildly sense spirits and channel them through their bodies. Elves live in a kingdom of almost constant light, and this has taken a toll on their night vision which is poor. Finally, sensing their supernatural nature animals fear elves and show that in their reaction.

Living in the Kingdom of Light has granted Elves certain other powers. Elves’ shadows are not tied to their body, but can move about on their own. They are subservient to elves, and can store a small amount of items. Their shape is fixed to that of the elf however. The shadow counts as the following Ally:

ST: 10 DX: 11 IQ: 5 HT: 10

  • Cannot Speak: Mute, B125, -25
  • Dependency (Elf, Constant), B120, -50
  • Doesn’t Breath, B49, 20
  • Doesn’t Eat or Drink, B50, 10
  • Doesn’t Sleep, B50, 20
  • Injury Tolerance: Homogenous, B60, 40
  • Payload 25, B74, 25
  • Resistant: Metabolic Hazards, B80, 30
  • Shadow Form, B153, -20
  • Silence 3, B85, 15
  • Unaging, B95, 15

Elves are the highest caste of Casetian society, and enjoy privelage because of it. They spend the majority of their time in the high towers of Caset, called the Kingdom of Light, where they act as governours, artisans, and mages.



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