Basics of Magic


The magic system uses two major variations from the standard magic system: Threshold-Limited Magic and Syntactic Magic respectively.

Threshold Magic:

The basics of Threshold Magic are described on T76. The following rules affect this system:

  • Each character’s threshold score is 0
  • Each character’s recovery rate is 1 per 6 Hours
  • Threshold Magery is the only form of Magery, the standard system does not exist at all
  • The calamity table in the book will not be used. Players will NOT have access to the table.
  • Neither the optional rules concerning auras or automatic maintenance will be used.
  • The Increased Threshold advantage is not allowed, nor is Safer Magical Excess
  • Rapid Magical Recovery is allowed but is limited to a maximum of 4 ranks
  • All three disadvantages described in the section are allowed

Syntactic Magic

The Syntactic Magic system used here is loosely based on that described on T179. It differs primarily in the inclusion of another type of word, the locative. Any given utterance is formed from a series of words: verbs, nouns, and locatives. Knowledge of each verb and noun is a separate skill, of varying difficulty. Locatives are perks, each of which carries a penalty to skill rolls involved. Each word also carries a cost and time, detailed in the description of each word.

Nouns: Nouns are the foundation of a given utterance. Every utterance must have at least one. They indicate what is to be affected by the spell. The nouns are as follows:

Nouns can be strung together to create more complex concepts. For example, fire would most likely be Heat-Light and Lightning would likely be Heat-Light-Sound.

Verbs: Verbs are other foundation of any given utterance, almost all utterances have them. They indicate how the nouns of the spells are to be affected. The verbs are as follows:

Locatives: Locatives are necessary to form certain utterances that involve multiple verbs from nouns. For example, to create fire the following utterance might be used: Pull Heat-Light From Void. The use of a locative lowers the skill roll, but does not carry a skill of it’s own. Knowledge of any given locative indicates a perk. The following locatives exist, although others may as well:



Basics of Magic

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