Theodoric "Thunderstick" Ironstone

Eclectic Mercenary Treasure Hunter

  • ST: 12
  • HP: 12
  • DX: 11
  • Will: 13
  • IQ: 13
  • Per: 14
  • HT: 10
  • FP: 12
  • Basic Lift 80 (Lifting ST+8)
  • Basic Speed 5.5
  • Base Move 5
  • Tech Level 3 (High)
  • Cultures: All (Worldly)
  • Languages: (Native) Common, Elven, Dwarven (Accented) Arabic
  • Reactions: Impressive +3
  • Fashion Sense +1
  • Social Chameleon +1 to elves and humans
  • Charisma +2
  • Voice +2
  • Dwarf -1 or -2
  • Karate Damage-1d+4 (Striking ST +3, Arm ST +2)
  • Sword Damage-3d+1 cut or 1d+3 imp (Striking ST +3, Arm ST +2)
  • Gun Damage 4d pi++ acc2 range 100/600 (pi ++ x2 damage)
  • Fashion Sense (From exploits)
  • Cultural Familiarity (From exploits)
  • Absolute Direction 1 (From magnetic pull on shrapnel lodged in body)
  • Ambidexterity (Born with it)
  • Claim to Hospitality: Gypsies (Gypsies look out for their own)
  • Courtesy Rank-Sergeant, His Royal Hussars (Dwarven heritage makes rank ineffectual, considered MIA)
  • Courtesy Rank-Specialist, 151st Siege and Demolitions Brigade (see above, MIA)
  • Courtesy Rank-Captain, Merchant Navy (see above for racism, possibility of proper rank)
  • Courtesy Rank-Lord Alchemist Of The Hidden Flame (Rank useless due to the fact that powerful agents of his employer is actively attempting to capture and Theodric)
  • Lifting ST +8 (Dwarf trait; see Arm ST)
  • Magery 1 (From Eastern Lore)
  • Night Vision 4 (Dwarf trait)
  • Night Vision 1 (Excellent Dwarven Specimen)
  • Charisma +2 (From Military Service)
  • Signature Gear, Military attire (From Military service)
  • Social Chameleon (Worldliness)
  • Striking ST +3 (From military training and natural talent)
  • Voice (Born with it)
  • No Hangover and Alcohol Tolerance (Because what else is there to do in the trenches?)
  • Deep Slumber (Dwarf trait)
  • Brachiator (Dwarf trait)
  • Arm ST +2 (“This one’s a fine specimen, all right. He’ll fetch a pretty pennEEEEEAAAAAaaagggghhhkkk… snap (horrible popping noises)” Eastern Slaver, last words)
  • Catfall (Dwarf)
  • Code of Honor, Mercenary (If they pay, do the job right, but if they stiff you or disrespect you, ditch em. Never leave your mates, and never take orders from some military peacock who isn’t your captain. If the going gets tough, the tough get going)
  • Flashbacks, Mild (Military service)
  • Social Stigma, Dwarf (-1 humans, -2 elves)
  • Sense of Duty, Urchins (Childhood)
  • Colorblindness (Dwarf trait)
  • Restricted Vision 1 (Dwarf trait)
  • Semi-Upright (Dwarf trait)
  • Unusual Biochemistry (Dwarf trait)
  • Enemies-Eastern Empire (hunter, very powerful and deadly nation, but very far away)
  • Secret-Is The Lord Alchemist Of The Hidden Flame
  • Delusion-I’m Not Colorblind!
Skill Rank
Armory TL3 13
Artillery 12
Blindfighting 13
Body Language 13
Bow 11
Camoflauge 15
Carpentry 12 basic, 14 for nautical work
Climbing 13 (11+2dwarf)
Carousing 16 (12+2voice+2cha)
Cartography 13
Connoisseur, Armaments 13
Crewman, Ship 13
Current Affairs, Business 13
Current Affairs, Politics 12
Dancing 11
Disguise 12
Persuade 16 (12+2voice+2cha)
Escape 11
Engineer, Combat (Sapper) 14
Explosives, Demolitions 13
Fast-talk 17 (13+2voice+2cha)
First Aid 13
Gambling 12
Geology 13
Hiking 12
Holdout 15
Leadership 17 (13+2cha+2voice)
Karate 13
Knots, Nautical 13
Lockpicking 13
Merchant 13
Public Speaking 17 (13+2cha+2voice)
Soldier 14
Stealth 14
Ride, Horses and kin 13

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skill
Broadsword 14
Axe/Mace 11
Spear/Polearm 12
Thrown Weapons 14
Throwing (bombs) 13
Guns, Rifle/Pistol 14
Shield 13

Magic Words:

Word Skill Time Fatigue Cost
Earth 14 X X
Heat 14 X X
Pull 11 X X
Push 14 X X
Void 14 X X
Wood 11 X X


Spell Skill FP Cost Time
Heat Into Earth 14 6 5
Push Earth 15 4 3
Pull Earth 14 3 4

Theodoric Ironstone was orphaned at a young age when his parents were killed in racial rioting that occurred in his home mines. Due to the civil unrest, Theodric and his brother Dominic left the mines and wandered the land, learning the customs of human civilization and the ways of the streets. Eventually, their skullduggery and thievery (for how else does a dwarf subsist in the gutters?) drew the ire of the law, who sold them as cut rate slaves to a mercenary company that was looking for expendable sappers. As dwarves, the brothers were excellent candidates to crawl around in dark, unstable tunnels with volatile explosives. Soon after their “conscription”, the callous and cruel leader of the company was killed in a completely accidental cave-in that had nothing whatsoever to do with the brothers at all. Period. His replacement was a tough but fair commander who abhorred slavery and freed all the companies unwilling servants, allowing them to stay on as full mercenary brothers or to go their own ways. The brothers, having nowhere else to go, stayed with the company and came under the wing of the new commander. With his tutelage, the Ironstone lads became competent warriors and commanders in their own right. However, the commander eventually took one bullet too many and the company was left in the hands of Theodric, who had assumed the role of 2nd in command. He led the unit to several victories under various employers, and gained renown as a strong leader, albeit a dwarven one. Dominic, on the other hand, had too much of sitting in trenches waiting to go over the top, and after finding religion from a wandering friar, left the company to join the church. There are no atheists in foxholes, after all. Following the exit of his beloved brother, Theodric began to become more and more detached from his position as leader, and eventually willingly surrendered command to his 2nd, a young human mercenary by the name of Mara Brightfield. He then dropped off the face of the map and into the bottle for several years, resurfacing in a royal demolitions unit, putting his natural talents to use in a series of nearly suicidal missions, presumably to deal with the emotional “loss” of his brother. His talent was noted, and as a political gambit, a local lord conscripted him in a cavalry unit, which was unheard of; a dwarf in a glorious and daring cavalry brigade? Ludicrous! Ironstone and his company were shipped off to the hinterlands to fight some manner of savage mountain people, and as the cold winter killed off many of his commanding officers, Theodric once again found himself in command of a military force. This command lasted about as long as it took for a dispatch to reach the central authorities, who relieved Ironstone of his command and gave him a “attaboy assignment” to a southern backwater with nothing to do and nobody to see that they had a dwarven sergeant in their ranks, which would have been a great embarrassment. Growing tired of this pointless and insulting duty, Ironstone went MIA and enlisted as a bosun (his voice really carries) in a merchant fleet bound for the far east. Again as his travels continued, through the efforts of pirates and the ravages of nature, he found himself the captain of the ship he set sail on, one of only five ships to reach the eastern lands. The other captains, several of them elves who had fallen from grace, were angered that such a pathetic creature (a DWARF, for god’s sakes!) had managed to take command of one of their ships, and “encouraged” him, in the form of a running rooftop battle, to jump ship in these new lands. Ironstone then disappears from all records, until he shows up as a minister in the court of the Eastern Emperor, claiming to be a great wizard from the twilight lands (the west, because the sun sets in the west). Dwarves are incredibly rare, if not completely unknown in the east, and his exotic physiology and talent for cultures and languages combined with the fact that eastern magicians are even more secretive than western ones quickly allowed him to assume a pretendership as a great sage. However, In his studies, he managed to acquire knowledge of several eastern Words of Power (by tricking them out of other mages in a word-game), and his natural mastery over this newfound power turned his pretendership into a position of legitimate authority. Ironstone used his understanding of magic combined with his military experience to create a powerful magical explosive weapon whose incantation he kept secret, something that the aloof and theocratic mages of the east had never attempted before. This bought him great favor with the emperor, as the explosive was incredibly deadly. However, to maintain a monopoly on this magical arms race, Theodric would need more power to create greater quantities of the substance to fuel the Emperor’s war machine. He struggled to find a method of power amplification while ll the while keeping the emperor appeased with greater and greater promises of deathly wonders from the twilight kingdom. The other Lord Mages of the realm, most of them far more magically potent but far less innovative, resented Ironstone for his seeming usurpment of their roles. Eventually, Theodic found the answer to his prayers-an ancient religious artifact, a spherical-gem thought to have been plucked from the eye-socket of the world-serpent itself. While he didn’t believe any of the religious nonsense associated with the gem, he knew it could be used as a powerful focus for his project. The problem with the affair was that the gem was a holy relic, guarded by the Lord Mages themselves. To cut a long and bloody story short, Ironstone’s attempt to steal the gem failed and let to his close escape from the Lord Mages, who are still hunting him for vengeance and the secret of his hidden flame. The Emperor believes (for so he was told by Ironstone, and such is the truth, or part of it), that the Lord Alchemist has left for the twilight kingdom to devise a more lasting plan to power the Hidden Flame, and that he will return when his work is complete.

But who am I to know such things? I’m just an old gypsy, Hunting lodestones in the rocks. And I’ll find the big one, one day. I’ll find her.

Theodoric "Thunderstick" Ironstone

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