Shadow Tybalt Fynn

"I'm not a thief, I'm a clandestine acquisitions specialist!"


Shadow Tybalt Fynn


  • STR: 12
  • DEX: 14
  • INT: 12
  • HLT: 10
  • PER: 16 (IQ+4)
  • SPD: 6


  • Dodge: 10
  • Parry: 10

|Body part|Armor Equipped|DR|Weight|
|Head|Cloth Cap|1|x|
|Torso|Leather Jacket|2|4lbs|
|Arms|Leather Jacket|2|x|
|Hands|Leather Gloves|2|x|
|Groin|Leather Pants|1|x|
|Legs|Leather Pants|1|3lbs|

|Skill|Target|Points|Stat|Difficulty|Sneaky Bastard Group|
|Throw Knife|16|1|17|Dex/avg|Yes|
|Animal Care|10|1|12|IQ/hard|No|

Attack Options

Weapon Damage Type Range Parry
Thrusting Broadsword Swing +1 Cut 1 0
Thrusting Broadsword Thrust +2 Impaling Close 0
Nordus Est Estupidos X X Close X
5x Thrown Dagger Thrust -1 Impaling Throw? -1


Item Weight
Small backpack 0
Lantern 2lbs
Lockpicks 0
3’ crowbar 3lbs
Whetstone 1lb
Web Gear 2lbs
Blanket 4lbs
Climbing Gear 4lbs
Grapnel 2lbs
3x Pints Lantern Oil 3lbs
2x small pouch 0
Tent 1man 5lbs
Fishing line/hooks 1lb
14x trail rations 7lbs
Personal Basics 1lb
  • Total Weight Carried: 35lbs
  • Money: 5 Dinari, 7 Dinar, 5 Dinar in Kir
  • Character pts remain: 6
  • Looted Emeralds: 10


  • Very Handsome: +6 on reaction rolls made by those attracted to members of your sex, +2 from others. Exception: Members of the same sex with reason to dislike you resent your good looks, and react at -2 instead.
  • Cultures: Do not suffer the -3 penalty for cultural unfamiliarity.
  • Unusual Biochemistry (Human)
  • Perfect Balance: Walk along a tightrope, ledge, tree limb, or other anchored surface without having to make a die roll. If the surface is wet, slippery, or unstable, you get +6 on all rolls to keep your feet. In combat, you get +4 to DX and DX-based skill rolls to keep your feet or avoid being knocked down. Finally, you get +1 to Acrobatics, Climbing, and Piloting skills.
  • Sneaky Bastard III
  • Enhanced Dodge: +1 to Dodge score
  • Magery Level 0
  • Earned Daredevil: +4 to Daring Heroics


  • Skinny: -2 vs. knockback, -2 to Disguise or on Shadowing someone in a crowd.
  • Chummy: React to others at +2 most of the time. When alone, suffer a -1 penalty to IQ-based skills.
  • Code of Honor (Pirate’s)
  • Enemies
  • Guilt Complex
  • Kleptomania: Self-control roll whenever presented with a chance to steal, at up to -3 if the item is especially interesting (not necessarily valuable).
  • Selfless: make a self-control roll to put your needs – even survival – before those of someone else.
  • Trademark
  • Broadminded


Shadow Tybalt Fynn, known to his friends as Fynn, hails from a farming community at the base of a long-defunct volcanic mountain range. Thanks to the fertile soil, the community of Humans and Dwarves thrived.

Until the day the demon attacked.

With a horde of unspeakable scaled monsters, a monster of fire, spines, and darkness swept through the town, laying waste to half the population, and even tainting the farm land itself. In the midst of the attack, the monster set fire to Fynn’s home and kidnapped Fynn’s younger brother, Rigel. As Fynn tried to defend his brother, the monster laid him open, and he almost bled to death.

When Fynn regained consciousness a week later, he heard that the demon had kidnapped Rigel for the boy’s ‘magical aptitude.’ Fynn would not stand for such a thing, and delved into the mountain from whence the demon had come.

The Mountain

Fynn blundered around in the darkness of the mountain until he had no food and only a day’s water left, with no success and not even a glimmer of hope. It was then that he discovered Lae’tha, an Elven mage who was exploring the cave, seeking an enormously powerful magical gemstone. With some disdain, she offered Fynn the position of her bodyguard in exchange for food, her previous bodyguard having met his fate at the clawed hands of one of the demon’s monsters. Fynn, on the cusp of starvation, gladly accepted.

Fynn and Lae’tha traveled together for several weeks, during which time Fynn protected her from some of the lesser monsters. Each fight scared Fynn nearly to death, but he forged through by reminding himself that he was doing it for his brother. Also during that time, Fynn began to pick up the very basics of magic by watching Lae’tha work it. He also learned much of Elven culture and the strange, ethereal way they did almost everything. Eventually Lae’tha warmed to him somewhat. She even smiled once.

Finally, they arrived at the still molten core of the mountain. There they found the demon, and Fynn saw his brother again. Rigel stood as if in a trance, obeying the demon’s orders without question. Lae’tha saw the powerful gem she sought there, too. The demon was using it to power a strange portal to a land of ice and snow. The two rushed the demon, but they were far outmatched. Lae’tha, with her frail Elven body, was slain with a single blow. Fynn scored a hit along the demon’s flank, but took a grievous wound in the shoulder that send him spiraling across the floor, too far away and too injured to stop the demon from taking Rigel through the portal with him. The portal disappeared, taking the demon, Rigel, and the gem with it.


Fynn left the mountain and traveled north, seeking news of a land of ice and snow. Having no real marketable skills besides farming, he turned to a life of petty thievery to survive. He proved to be quite good at it, though he disagreed with the operations of most of the bands of thieves he fell in with from time to time. He worked his way north, following rumors of a land where the snow never melted. As he went, he became more of a lone high-profile thief, stealing only the most valuable objects from people who could afford the loss. He took to leaving a signature at his crime scenes: a single black-lacquered coin bearing a large-finned fish on it in the place of whatever he had stolen.

To this day, he has yet to be caught.


  • Lifelong dream: to found a band of truly noble thieves, who steal only from those who can afford it, and deal fairly with one another.
  • Current goal: To rescue his brother Rigel, and hopefully to avenge the death of his mentor, Lae’tha.
  • Likes: Spicy sausages, fried potatoes, music involving harpsichords and accordions (and the odd polka or two), helping people in need, hot red-headed girls, clockwork objects and wind-up toys.
  • Loves: His father Donnel, his mother Larisa, his brother Rigel, and his dog Ferrous.
  • Hates: Cabbage, music involving flute solos, people who bully others weaker than themselves, fat girls, really tough locks, and people who don’t bathe.

Shadow Tybalt Fynn

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