Moscow Fantasy Horror

This Does Not Bode Well

So, some freaky sh*t went down...

So this journey’s not off to a great start. First Thunderstick leaves us, then we get attacked by some weird-ass flying critters that are made of stone during the day. And I mean freaky. I don’t know what those things were, but they weren’t the demon’s servants. Or at least, I don’t think so. Thankfully Fred and the elf chick used a lot of magic to keep them from finding us.

Speaking of which, both of them use magic. A lot. And they talk about it. A lot. “Push earth into void this” and “pull time from earth” that. What a load of malarkey. It’s out of my league, and more complicated than I want to deal with.

On the other hand, I stole a kick-ass mule. I have named her Toboggan. I also kind of set somebody’s house on fire a little bit. But hey, that’s in a town I’m not in right now, and is therefore not my problem.

Note to self: this trip had better be worth all this mess. If it’s not, I am so going to murder Thunderstick. But just a little bit, ‘cuz he’s kind of a cool guy. I hope he catches up with us soon.



This Does Not Bode Well

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