Moscow Fantasy Horror

New friends, same old shtick

On the road again

  • Things to remember for today
  1. The Dwarf’s name is Theodoric. I’m calling him Ted.
  2. The Elf’s name is… well, crap, I can’t remember. Ask her again tomorrow.
  3. The kind of creepy dude is Frederick. So we got a Ted and a Fred. At least their names are easy to remember.

Looks like we got some kind of job to do. It sounds lucrative, and maybe some of the westerners might know more about demons and stuff. I mean, come on, they worship a chunk of rock with a shiny stuck in it. Sounds kinda tribal and shamanistic to me. Should be demons in there somewhere.

Also, I don’t know what ol’ Ted Thunderstick is up to or in to, but he’s got some funky drawings that look like better quality paintings than the best paintings I’ve ever seen. They’re of some weird stuff too. I don’t think he’s telling us the whole story. But I’m willing to follow him around for a bit. Money, a shot at some non-sacrificed virgins, and info to help me find Rigel sounds like an attractive incentive package to get me doing thiefy things for this particularly strange gang.



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